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Now available: William Bailie and Benjamin Tucker in LIBERTY (1892)

Here are two new items, now available from the Fair Use Repository main site. Both are from the issue of Liberty for September 24, 1892.

  • Ireland’s Need of a Free Currency, by William Bailie, in Liberty, Vol. IX.–No. 4, Whole No. 238 (September 24, 1892). 2.

    At all periods of human history it is possible to observe a combination of times and conditions that seems conspicuously ripe for the recognition and adoption of certain instalments of general truth embodied in particular ideas and principles borne mostly on the obscure banners of hitherto unnoticed reform. Such an occasion, I venture to believe, is presented by the dawning hopes to which the impending political change gives birth in the state of long-scourged and ever-suffering Ireland…. The economic regeneration of that country through the death of Interest by means of a free currency is the idea which the writer believes peculiarly fitting at this juncture of her career to inaugurate the industrial and social Revolution.

  • On Picket Duty, by Benjamin Tucker in Liberty IX.4, Whole No. 238 (September 24, 1892). 1.

    Comrade Bailie’s article in this issue on Ireland’s Need of a Free Currency is suggestive. It certainly is none too early to begin to prepare that unhappy country to make the most of her freedom when she shall get it. The Irishman or Irish-American who devotes himself to that work will do his country immeasurable service. But Ireland’s situation is peculiar. Unlike all other civilized nations, her first and greatest need is free land, not free money….

    The column also includes comments on Wagner, copyright protectionism, and Whitman’s verses in praise of Kaiser Wilhelm.

As usual, these transcriptions were made possible by facsimiles provided through the magnificent work of Shawn P. Wilbur at his Travelling in Liberty online archive.

Read, cite and enjoy!

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