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Stephen Pearl Andrews' "New Rendering of Ten Commandments"

Now available thanks to Shawn P. Wilbur at Out of the Libertarian Labyrinth:

New Rendering of Ten Commandments.


I. Thou shalt have no other gods than The Most High (that, whatever it is, that embodies, to thy conception, the supremest excellence).

II. Thou shalt not make, unto thee, any sham substitute, or inferior likeness of this thy supreme ideal; whether it be in itself relatively high (in heaven above), or mean (in the earth beneath); or base (in the water under the earth). Thou shalt not degrade (bow down) thyself, in respect to any such, nor come under the yoke of their tyranny over thee; for the Supreme Excellence (The Most High—God) is in direct antagonism (a jealous God) against all such degradations of the soul, and will cause the consequences of thy dereliction to follow thee and thy children's children through all coming time (as the necessary consequence of heredity and of the solidarity of race); while tending, on the contrary, to raise and comfort those who devoutly love and serve all Goodness and Truth.

III. Thou shalt not make a pretentious display even of thy devotion to the Most High (taking his name in vain), as by invoking such high considerations on trifling occasions, thereby bringing them into contempt; for the Most High is thereby profaned.

IV. Remember the days of special convocations, and all such appointments as thou hast made; on other occasions thou shalt complete thy work; such as might binder thee in the fulfillment of thy engagements; for the stated occasion is the period of rest from ordinary occupations. In this manner, let thy influence over others who are subject to it (son, daughter, man servant, and even the inferior animals) conduce to the faithful performance of duties and the fulfillment of all obligations; for, by special appointments the world is made, during the fitting seasons; followed by seasons of rest; whereby it appears that the Most High has instituted seasons of repose, equally with seasons of activity, or work.

V. Honor the noble ancestors of the race, as thou honorest thy father and thy mother; so that the continuity of humanity may be recognized and conceived, in that perpetual dominion which The Most High (the umpire of destinies) assigns to man over the world.

VI. Thou shalt not wantonly exhaust or destroy the vitality of thyself or others (shalt not kill).

VII. Thou shalt not mix thy procreative of life-giving forces wantonly, excessively, nor in any wise unwisely, but only in due respect to the highest uses; not, therefore, adulterously; but in purity of purpose, manner, and degree (shalt not commit adultery).

VIII. Thou shalt not withdraw even thine own from the help of others; but thou shalt endow others with constant blessing; devising sedulously the ways of doing good (shalt not steal).

IX. Thou shalt bear truthful witness to the good there is in thy neighbor, in preponderance over the evil; thy neighbor being all mankind (shalt not bear false witness).

X. Thou shalt earnestly covet the highest well-being of thy neighbor, in all his relations of life, in his domestic companionship, in his political and industrial pursuits, and in whatsoever he does (shalt not covet anything that is his).

Read the whole thing at Out of the Libertarian Labyrinth.