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Part II of Bertrand Russell’s The Principles of Mathematics is now available

Part II of Bertrand Russell’s The Principles of Mathematics, on the theory of cardinal numbers, is now available in full in the Fair Use Repository’s online edition. This Part includes Russell’s definitions of the cardinal numbers and basic arithmetical operators, and discussions of the mathematical treatment of infinite cardinals, the relation of part to whole, and the theory of ratios and fractions. Its completion adds eight new chapters to the online edition:

  1. Chapter XI. Definition of Cardinal Numbers.
  2. Chapter XII. Addition and Multiplication.
  3. Chapter XIII. Finite and Infinite.
  4. Chapter XIV. Theory of Finite Numbers.
  5. Chapter XV. Addition of Terms and Addition of Classes.
  6. Chapter XVI. Whole and Part.
  7. Chapter XVII. Infinite Wholes.
  8. Chapter XVIII. Ratios and Fractions.


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