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Part II of Benjamin Tucker’s Instead of a Book (on Money and Interest) now available in full

Part II of Benjamin Tucker’s Instead of a Book, by a Man Too Busy to Write One, on Money and Interest, is now available in full in the Fair Use Repository’s online edition. This adds a number of newly transcribed essays:

Here is Benjamin Tucker’s second exchange with Lucien Penny of the Winsted Press, on the money monopoly and government fiat currency:

An exchange concerning mutual banking advocate Alfred B. Westrup’s claims that mutual money need not serve as a standard of value.

A discussion on the likely effects of a dramatic increase in the gold supply due to new technology:

A positive but critical review of Hugo Bilgram’s book Involuntary Idleness, and an ensuing exchange over Bilgram’s proposals for government-run mutual banking:

A discussion of free banking with Joshua K. Ingalls:

A discussion with J. M. M’Gregor of the Detroit Labor Leaf on the priority of free banking over other reforms:

And other essays:

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  1. Rad Geek People’s Daily 2007-09-19 – Part II of Instead of a Book is now online Says:

    […] A couple weeks ago I mentioned that I was working on an online transcription of Benjamin Tucker’s [Instead of a Book][IOB], and had completed the introductory essays and Part I: The Individual, Society, and the State. I’m pleased to announce that Part II: Money and Interest — containing Tucker’s defense of free competition and radical laissez-faire in banking, his proposals for mutual banking, and several exchanges with Greenbackers, gold-bugs, defenders of interest, et cetera — is now also available in full online. For summaries of some of the essays, see Fair Use Blog 2007-09-07, 2007-09-15, and 2007-09-19. […]

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